Conferencia internacional: "Guillermo O'Donnell y el estudio de la democracia"

Panel Institutions and Democratic Citizenship


Coordinador: M. Gloria Trocello (Universidad Nacional de San Luis)


“Understanding Institutional Change: Lessons from Latin America” 
Steven Levitsky (Harvard University)

and María Victoria Murillo (Columbia University)
Comenta: Michael Coppedge (University of Notre Dame)





“Democracy, Citizenship, and the Rule of Law”
 Daniel Brinks (University of Texas, Austin)

and Sandra Botero (University of Notre Dame)
Comenta: Paola Bergallo (Universidad de San Andrés)





“Two Items Left Over from My Discussions with Guillermo:

The Consolidation of Democracy and the Rule of Law”
Philippe Schmitter (European University Institute)
Comenta: Catalina Smulovitz (Universidad Torcuato Di Tella)

Panel: Delegative Democracy


Coordinador: Alberto Föhrig (Universidad de San Andrés)


“Delegative Presidential Leadership”
María Matilde Ollier (Universidad Nacional de San Martín)
Comenta:  Martín D’Alessandro (Universidad de Buenos Aires)





“Unpacking Delegative Democracy: Digging into the Empirical Content

of a Rich Theoretical Concept”
Autor: Lucas González (Universidad Católica Argentina, Universidad Nacional de San Martín)
Comenta: Gustavo Dufour (Universidad de Buenos Aires)




“The Various Accountability Deficits of Delegative Democracies”
 Enrique Peruzzotti (Universidad Torcuato Di Tella)
Comenta: Isidoro Cheresky (Universidad de Buenos Aires)

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Panel: Quality of Democracy


Coordinador: Miguel De Luca (Universidad de Buenos Aires)


“Conceptualizing the Quality of Democracy: Issues and Insights in the Framing of a New Agenda”
Autor: Gerardo Munck (University of Southern California)
Comenta: David Collier (University of California, Berkeley)





“Democracy, Citizenship, and the State: O'Donnell's Critique of Procedural Democracy”
 Jorge Vargas Cullell (Programa Estado de la Nación, Costa Rica)
Comenta: Francisco Weffort (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro)





“Theorizing a Moving Target: O’Donnell’s Changing Views

of Postauthoritarian Regimes”
Autor: Timothy Power (Oxford University)
Comenta: Cynthia Arnson (Woodrow Wilson International Center

for Scholars)

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Panel: Perspectives on O'Donnell's Work


Coordinador: Timothy Scully (University of Notre Dame)


“Advantages and Downsides of Three of O’Donnell’s Convictions”
 Laurence Whitehead (Oxford University)
Comenta: David Lehmann (Cambridge University)

Panel: New Takes on Modernization, Authoritarianism, and Democracy


Coordinador: José María Ghio (Universidad Torcuato Di Tella)


“Democratic Breakdown and Survival in Latin America, 1945–2005” 
 Aníbal Pérez–Liñán (University of Pittsburgh)

and Scott Mainwaring (University of Notre Dame)
Comenta: Alfred Stepan (Columbia University) 





“Argentina’s Democracy Four Decades After Modernization

and Bureaucratic Authoritarianism” 
Autor: Carlos Gervasoni (Universidad Torcuato Di Tella)
Comenta: Eduardo Viola (Universidade de Brasília) 

“Income and Democracy: Theoretical Significance of the Argentine Exception”

Autor: Marcelo Leiras (Universidad de San Andrés)
Comenta: Rodrigo Zarazaga 

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Panel: New Takes on Political Economy of Authoritarianism and Democratization


Coordinador: Abraham Lowenthal(University of Southern California) 


“Class Structure, Distributive Conflict, and Democracy:

Brazil and Argentina in Comparative Perspective”
Autor:  James McGuire (Wesleyan University)
Comenta: Ximena Simpson (Universidad Nacional de San Martín)




“New Alliances for a New State Rentier Populism and the Emergence

of Plebiscitarian Hegemonies in South America”
Sebastian Mazzuca (University of California, Berkeley)
Comenta: Carlos Acuña (Universidad de San Andrés)


“Democracy and Inequality: Latin America and the United Sates Compared”

Autor: Terry Lynn Karl (Stanford University)
Comenta: Luis Tonelli (Universidad de Buenos Aires)



“Democracy and Markets: Notes on a Twenty-first Century Paradox”
 Robert Fishman (University of Notre Dame)
Comenta: Evelyne Huber (University of North Carolina)

Panel final


Coordinador: Scott Mainwaring (University of Notre Dame)


Sebastian Mazzuca (University of California, Berkeley)
Daniel Brinks (University of Texas, Austin)
María Victoria Murillo (Columbia University)
David Collier (University of California, Berkeley)
Alfred Stepan (Columbia University)